Salon łazienek i płytek ceramicznych - Luxury Ceramic Tile Salon – Luxury Ceramic Tile Salon

Our company distributes Italian and Spanish milled rock tiles, glazed tiles and quartz sinter for interior finish in the highest standard.

Our range includes unique, exclusive, one-of-a-kind ceramic tiles, as well as bathroom fittings from the best Italian and Spanish manufacturers.

We ship our goods to any place in the world.

Współpraca firmy wykonawcze i developerzy

About our company

Over 20 years in the tile and terracotta industry – you can trust our experience!

We are a family company with over 20 years of experience in the tile business. We are absolutely passionate about interior design. Interested in the latest trends in design, we travel to the biggest industry events organised in Poland, Italy and Spain. We follow innovations and trends on an ongoing basis to offer them to our most discerning customers.

With us, you will furnish your bathroom from A to Z – just visit our showroom or make an electronic enquiry about the products you are interested in

We supply our goods to various kinds of facilities:

Italian tiles

A distributor of Italian ceramic tiles

We act as an agent of leading Italian ceramic tile manufacturers. Exclusive Italian tiles are all about attention to detail and sophistication. These are the most important features of Italian style, noticeable at first glance.

Italian ceramic tiles are inspired by the Italian sun, the colours of nature and other natural creations, such as rocks or precious stones. They offer various ideas to create an original and modern wall cladding as well as a flooring. Italian designers have truly original ideas for tile design, in both traditional and modern style. Modern tiles have an avant-garde look on the wall and are certainly uncommon. You will appreciate them if you like to go beyond classic solutions.

Italian tiles are also characterised by very high quality and durability. This means the floor or wall cladding will remain in perfect condition for many years, whether at home or in a public building.

We kindly invite you to take a look at our showroom featuring Italian ceramic tiles.

Spanish tiles

A distributor and showroom of Spanish ceramic tiles

We also offer ceramic tiles from the best Spanish manufacturers. Spanish tiles evoke the traditions of their country of origin. The most popular tiles created by Spanish designers are colourful mosaics, which add joy and unique style to interiors. They will be loved by customers who embrace interior design as an opportunity to unleash creativity, not necessarily within a classic framework.

Spanish tiles are highly usable and decorative, and fulfil the two functions very well. Anyone who wants to create a beautiful, perfectly finished interior will be pleased with the great final effect. Spanish tiles will certainly help you to create an interior that is one of a kind.

We kindly invite you to visit our showroom with Spanish tiles.

Quartz sinter

Quartz sinter or large format tiles (XXL) in our range

Large format tiles, also known as quartz sinter, are an increasingly popular choice not only for walls, but also for flooring. Why do large format tiles delight customers? One reason is that the size of the sinters can be really impressive while looking extremely refined and luxurious.

Quartz sintering – a perfect solution for every style

Quartz sinter is a solid choice for many years and the best investment for anyone who seeks an unusual effect that will remain trendy and stylish for many years to come. An impressive range of patterns and colours, also those imitating wood, allows designers to create arrangements in any style, whether modern, Scandinavian, classic or retro, as well as loft or glamour. Come to see our range of quartz sinter tiles or contact us about the availability of this range. You will certainly be delighted to explore our broad selection.

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